RVTools Analyser - Version History


Version Number Updates

(April 2019)

(March 2019)
  • Vcenter Inventory - ESX Summary
    Display Total vCPU for VMs ON
    Display Total vCPU for VMs OFF
    Display Total vRAM for VMs ON
    Display Total vRAM for VMs OFF

  • Trends by VCenter
    The Tab [Cluster View] was updated to display graphic trends for each Cluster.
    Access : Trends by VCenter, Tab [Cluster View]

(February 2019)
  • Trends by VCenter
    New Tab [Storage View]
    This new tab displays evolution for Datastores : Total Capacity (GB), Total Used (GB) and Total Free (GB).
    Access : Trends by VCenter, Tab [Storage View]

  • Vcenter Inventory - Custom HTML Reports
    You can now select options to be displayed in the HTML Report.
    Access : VCenter Inventory, Button [HTML View]

  • Adapt Main Menu size to Notebook screen resolution

(January 2019)
  • System Information
    New Tab [Test Excel Import]
    This new tab is used to test Excel import files on RVTA.
    Access : Menu Help-System Information

(December 2018)
  • VCenter Inventory
    New filtering by VM Status :
    - All VMs (ON and OFF)
    - Only ON VMs
    - Only OFF VMs
    Access : [VCenter Inventory], VM Status list selection

  • Multi File Selection
    You can now import more than one VCenter at the same time.
    Access : File-Import RVTools Excel File-[Multi File Selection] button

(November 2018)
  • ESX Summary
    A new table displays global ESX Summary (total number of CPUs, Memory ...)
    Access : [VCenter Inventory], [ESX View]

(October 2018)
  • Database Backup
    This function allows you to save RVTools Database on an external storage unit (USB key for example)
    Access : Menu File-Database Backup

  • Introducing Microsoft Edge
    You can now select Microsoft Edge as HTML Viewer on Windows 10 platform.
    Access : Menu Setup-Options

  • ESX Names as IP Address
    ESX Host Names can be IP Address.

(September 2018)
  • VCenter Trends
    This new function displays the evolution of the number of Clusters, ESX, Datastores,
    VMs, vCPU, vRAM and Disks. 3 Views are available :
    - VCenter View
    - Cluster View
    - ESX View

  • RVTools Launch
    You can now launch RVTools program directly from RVTA.
    Access : Menu File-Launch RVTools

  • External Applications
    You can now launch External Applications like RVTools batches, Excel ...
    Access : Menu File-External Applications

(August 2018)
  • ESX and VM Statistics
    This function displays :
    - ESX Distribution by number of VMs
    - VM Distribution bu number of vCPU

  • Storage View : New Tab [Datastore View]

(July 2018)
  • Storage View
    This new function displays Number of Disks and Disk Sizes (in GB) :
    - By Clusters
    - By ESX
    - By Vms

  • Disaster Recovery can be done with more than one VCenter

(June 2018)
  • Disaster Recovery function is now available

  • A Forum is available.
    Access : Menu Help-RVTA Forum
(April 2018)
First version of the program.