RVTools Analyser

Version 1.9
February 2019
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RVTools Analyser is designed to import RVTools Excel Files, save this information in a Database and finally display it in a friendly way.
These are the main functions :

  • Display complete VCenter Architecture : Number of Clusters, number of ESX, number of VMs
    (Windows, Linux) and number of Datastores.
    Information is displayed in "Tree Views", tables and various graphs.
  • Multiple VCenter Inventory (agregation of more than one VCenter).
  • Detailed Asset Inventory classified by Operating System.
  • Display "Operating System End of Support" for Linux, Windows and ESX.
  • End of Support Forecasting on 3, 6, 9 or 12 next months.
  • VCenter Trends : Evolution of the number of Clusters, ESX, Datastores, VMs, vCPU, vRAM and Disks.
  • Calculation of Allocated Resources, introducing Personnal Ratios (CPU and RAM) and Custom Failovers.
  • Disaster Recovery Simulations, with one or more VCenters.
  • Storage Views : Total Disk Sizes by Clusters, ESX, VMs and Datastores.
  • Detailled Views for Clusters, ESX, VM and Datastores.
  • Display Disk and Partitions with Threshold Alerting.
  • Display Ports and Switches.

  • Personnal configuration parameters :
    - Thresholds for Filesystem and Logical Units
    - Selection of HTML Viewer, RVTools command line
    - Screen colors, buttons
    - Colors and aspect of Graphs

  • RVTA Database :
    Information contained in RVTools Excel files is read back and saved in an
    Microsoft Access Database.

  • And more ...


Download version 1.9 :
Version History

RVTools Analyser Versions :

  Free Version Complete Version
Maximum number of RVTools Excel Files : 2 No Limit
Disaster Recovery Function : No Yes
Support : Yes Yes

You can obtain the Complete Version getting an Activation Code Number.


RVTools Analyser can be installed with the following Windows versions :

Windows Seven Windows 8 Windows 10

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Import RVTools Excel File :
Inventory View :
End of Support View :
End of Support Forecast View :
VCenter Trends View :
Allocated Resources View :
Disaster Recovery Simulation :
Storage View :
Statistics View :
VM View :
ESX View :


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